The Best Beginners MIG Welding Accessory

When learning to weld it can be confusing what all you REALLY need to help with your welding journey as a beginner. Some items can be really helpful to pros but aren’t worthwhile to someone just starting out. Other than a good welding mask and welding gloves the next things you should buy should help you make better welds. With blowing through metal being a common error made when learning to MIG weld we think having a weld backer is the best accessory for a entry level MIG welder.

We designed the Eastwood Welder’s Helper Copper Spoon Kit to allow you to fit behind most any weld and give you an extra level of security from blowing through a weld seam. Nothing can be more discouraging to a new welder than blowing a big hole in a weld seam and not knowing how to fix it. Each of the spoons acts as a heat sink to prevent warping and blow-through. The other nice thing is that your welding wire won’t stick to copper. The handle included in the kit has a 3-hole mounting design that allows you to offset the plates left, right or straight. The kit includes an Offset Flat Plate, Curved Plate, and 90-degree Angle Plate, with two set screws and interchangeable handle. Grab one of these and use them for welding thinner metal or filling holes.

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