The Best Bead Roller For Doing Edge Work

Eastwood Elite 8″ Heavy Duty Bead Roller Small In Size Big in Performance

We often get asked which bead roller is the best bang for the buck for someone getting into the metal fabrication hobby. Obviously most would gravitate towards the largest bead roller they could get like our Elite 27″ Bead Roller. But to be honest that isn’t always the best for a beginner.

We’ve found that a lot of bead rolling is done on the edges of panels or only part way in and doesn’t require a deep throat or a high price tag. That’s where the 8″ Elite Heavy Duty Bead Roller comes into play. With the 8″ throat you can now get into the center of a 16″ panel which is perfect for adding strengthening ribs and designs on floor pans, patch panels, and other projects. The 8″ bead roller also uses the same 22mm shaft and dies as our other hand crank bead rollers and allows you to use the dies you’ve already invested in on future bead rollers as you step up. We actually have a large bead roller die assortment and you can do a lot with a little bead roller!

Another nice feature of this bead roller is the Eastwood Exclusive 4 spoke handle that allows you greater control when rolling beads by yourself. This keeps your body and arm in an ideal position while rolling beads and gives you greater accuracy when rolling beads. The 8″ Elite Bead Roller will roll beads in up to 18 gauge mild steel which means it can handle most automotive sheet metal projects with ease.

To learn more about our entire bead rolling line check out the Eastwood website HERE.

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