The Benefits of Using a Portable Paint Booth

What is a Portable Paint Booth?

A portable paint booth is something that more and more DIY hobbyists have been interested in using since painting equipment and supplies have become more affordable to the masses. So what exactly is a portable paint booth? This is a temporary paint booth that can be set up outside or inside and can keep the painting fumes, overspray, and mess contained during a project. Most popular are inflatable and knock-down style booths that can be put up with only 1-2 people. The type of booth is a personal preference but each one has its pros and cons. Some have a built in fan system while some are just a shelter that keeps the mess contained.

Why Is a Portable Paint Booth Useful?

  1. Cleaner Paint Job- It’s no secret that one of the key factors to a quality paint booth is the cleanliness of the area in which you’re spraying your project. Sure you can wet the floor down in your garage or wait for a calm morning outside but there are too many outside factors that can cause “junk” to get into your paint. This includes dust, dirt, bugs, etc. A contained booth will allow you to have a clean space to paint in that keeps any of those outside contaminants from getting into your fresh paint and clear.
  2. Environmentally Safe- A portable paint booth keeps your paint and bodywork dust and fumes contained and keeps it from getting out into the atmosphere and causing more damage to our precious earth. Using a booth with a draw through booth and filters is key to safe and environmentally safe paint jobs.
  3. Save Space- Not all of us are painting multiple cars a year or have the space to dedicate to a paint booth for our projects. Having a portable paint booth allows you to only take up the space needed to paint for the shor time you’re doing body and paint work. Buying a portable paint booth over renting is a smart thing to do if you plan to do multiple paint projects in your lifetime. Most booths fold up small enough to be stored in a closet or under a workbench when not in use. A pro tip is to wrap the folded up booth in shrink wrap to keep any dirt off and out of it for a clean booth when used next time.

As you can see there are a few big reasons for you to use a portable paint booth and those are just the tip of the iceberg. We suggest looking into a portable paint booth for small and large jobs. You can find our portable paint booths for purchase HERE.

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