Textured Under Hood Paint New Car Show Trend For 2020?

Here at Eastwood we’re always working to develop new products and stay “ahead of the curve”. I mean what else would you expect for the company that brought Powder Coating to the DIY user and one of the first companies to bring an affordable TIG welder to the DIY market! You may not know it but we’ve been doing paints and coatings almost as long as we’ve been a company! We noticed in recent years at SEMA that there has been a big movement to flat, satin, and textured coatings under the hoods of big horsepower show cars. We first noticed it with the satin and “natural” metal tone themes in the Ring Brothers cars and it has trickled down to many top car builders.

We decided that even the weekend warrior needs options for cleaning up their engine bay with some subtle details paints. This is why we recently launched our Textured Under Hood paints in Black and Silver. Eastwood Textured Under Hood Paints create a custom textured finish that’s fast drying and perfect for firewalls, inner fender wells, and most under hood accessories.

You can now stay ahead of the show car circuit trends and coat your under hood components in Eastwood Textured Under hood Silver or black for that one of a kind look. These new paints are formulated from our original under hood black so you can be reassured that this coating will last for years to come!

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