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Repetition makes for the best final product. This is why our R&D department is always buzzing. From testing new products that are under development, to reviewing current products and seeing how we can make them even better. This at times can be a bit frustrating, but in the end we feel this what makes Eastwood products stand out from the rest of the industry. Here is a little insiders view on what we’ve been up to in R&D the past couple weeks.

One exciting new product we are very close to releasing is a product that is best described as an “inner frame coating”. Often times when restoring an old car or truck, you do extensive work to treat the exterior of you frame/chassis for rust. But, what about the inside of the frame? Many older vehicles actually rust from the “inside out”. This product is specially formulated to coat, neutralize, stop and treat the rust or corrosion found in those places you couldn’t reach with normal methods. This product is slated to be available in an easy-to-use aerosol can with a special “wand extension”. This “wand” has a machined brass tip on the end that has been designed to give a broad “fan-like” spray pattern (check the pictures below for a sample of what the spray pattern looks like). This is the key to fully covering the inside of the frame. You can even see in the pics below how there is a fine “green” mist of the frame coating coming out of the bottom holes of the frame as Mark is applying the product. Throw away everything your tech ed teacher taught you when painting something; with this product you WANT the coating to be dripping out of the frame. Seeing that will tell you that you are getting a nice thick coating inside the frame.

Keeping on the same wavelength of chassis and frame restoration, we have another product in the final testing stages. This product is being dubbed “After Blast” It is pretty easy to figure out when this product is to be used.. but to those that are unclear, it is a cleaning product sprayed on any part you have blasted. You simply spray  it on after blasting your metal clean and wipe down with a clean rag. I was amazed at how much contaminants it pulled out as Mark sprayed and wiped the chassis down numerous times! This is just another product that backs the belief that “prep is the most important step” when coating/spraying or restoring. Check out the pics below of Mark blasting the frame clean with our Eastwood exclusive Master Blaster Dual Blaster then testing the “After Blast” on the freshly blasted frame!

As many would guess, one of our best selling product lines is Powder Coating. Because of that, we are constantly testing and perfecting our powder coating products. The past couple weeks it has been the powders themselves being tested. First was our High Temp Silver powder. We were testing a couple different samples for 1.) how they sprayed out 2.)How they cured and flowed out 3.) How well they handled the high temperatures that we guarantee them to.

Also here are a few photos of some cool items being coated this past week at the Eastwood headquarters with some of our favorite powders! My personal favorite is J.R.’s vintage go-kart shot in our Starlight Blue Powder. Look at how all the “flake” shows up in the direct sunlight!

Hope you all enjoy this recent “insiders look” at what we have going on here at Eastwood! Let us know if there are any products you would like to see as a DIY or blog entry.


  1. Talk about timely news! I am just about to start restoring my TR6 frame. I was leaning toward hosing the interior with Rust Encapsulator but this new product looks perfect. Have you set a release date?

    Speaking of powder coating, I got the single voltage kit and it works great. It was easier than I thought. Too bad I can’t paint my house with this (the insurance company would frown on the heat damage claim).

  2. We are looking to have it out at the latest by the time our June catalog hits mailboxes. This is going to save a ton of headaches with trying to coat the inside of a rusty old frame!

    The single voltage gun is still a great product, I’ve personally been using it for quite sometime, but soon will upgrade to the dual voltage. Sometimes I am the same way, wish I could powdercoat everything! It’s so dang durable!

  3. Just reading about your Inner Frame Coating. It is just what I am looking for. I was going to use the Heavy-Duty Anti Rust product but did not know how I was going to apply it to cover all of the inner frame. This new product looks like it contains everything you need to apply it to the inner frame. Will this new product come in differant colors? (black). By the way what is the correct name of the new Inner Frame Coating product and can you E-mail me when it is avalible?

  4. Hi Bill,

    There is no current color options planned other than the olive drab green as shown in the pictures. Keep an eye on our site for future information on the availability!


  5. just got my 67 camaro convertible back from media blasting. was blasted with combo of coal slag and soda on the entire body including fenders and undercarrage. need to neutralize soda. will afterblast neutralize soda without water rinsing causing rust flash? was told to neutralize with distilled vinegar but get an immediate “flash” of rust which requires scotchbrite pad and alcohol to clean. too musch work!!

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