Subaru WRX With Wild Eastwood Holographic Paint Job

Eastwood Customer Tom G. makes his Subaru shine like a Diamond.

Tom’s car of choice to customize is his 2003 Subaru WRX. He has been modifying the car to suit the street and the track with upgraded tires and wheels. He also built a custom roll cage with his Eastwood Tubing Bender and TIG 200 Welder. He then decided it was time to make the exterior stand out as much as the rest of the car.

As with any 15+ year old car it had dents and dings from daily driving and it needed to be straightened out before Tom could add a new paint job. He used his Eastwood Hammer and Dolly set to knock out any dents and smoothed of the panel with Glazing Putty. Before paint he sealed the entire surface up with Epoxy Primer in prep for the Eastwood Intercoat Paint.

The color of choice for this eye-popping ride was Eastwood Subzero Blue Base coat. But being custom car fan Tom couldn’t just stop there and he added a batch of Eastwood Holographic Flakes into a layer of Intercoat Clear to create a crazy shimmer when in the sunlight! The shine to seal the deal was Eastwood Premium Show Clear that was wet sanded and buffed to perfection. Tom sprayed all of these coatings from primer to clear with his Eastwood Concours Paint Gun just by swapping the needle nozzle along the way for primer to paint/clear.

As you can see in the photo this little WRX is incredible looking and really POPS in the sun when those flakes stand up and shine! We love how this came out and we’re really impressed with what Tom could achieve with Eastwood products! Thanks to Tom for sharing these photos and story!

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