Strip Paint Rust and Paint in Hard to Reach Areas With Your Contour SCT

Since the launch of the Eastwood Contour SCT it has sky rocketed to be one of our top favorite products of customers and we’re regularly impressed with new ways our customers are finding to use the tool. We’ve seen everything from stripping paint and filler off an antique car to stripping old paint off a wood deck on a home! With these inventive new ways of utilizing the Contour SCT in projects we’ve had requests for all sorts of new drums and abrasive consumables for the tool. We’ve been working hard to include new drums that fit those requests online the way. Earlier in 2019 we even launched a metal wire drum for aggressive rust removal on heavy metals like automotive chassis and industrial metal applications.

One of the short comings of the massive 4″ wide by 4″ in diameter drums is that they can be hard to get into tight corners or curves and we’ve found that users have been tipping the drums on their edge to get into these tight areas and it tends to wear the drums unevenly causing a decrease in overall stripping surface. Because of these we decided to develop and engineer a solution to this problem.

The new Eastwood Contour SCT Narrow wheels utilize two aluminum spacers to center the 1″ narrow stripping wheels on the spindle of the SCT. The result is the powerful stripping and metal surfacing capabilities with the ability to get into tight areas to strip paint, rust, and surface the metal. We’ve found that it is easiest to tackle the large surfaces with the larger 4″ wheels first and leaving the areas close to tight areas for the narrow wheels. Then you can quickly go around the project and finish them with the narrow drums for a cleanly stripped and abraded area that’s ready for primer, filler, or paint.

To see all of our Contour SCT abrasive offerings visit Eastwood HERE.

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