Stop and cure cancer before It comes for your loved ones.

Well here in Eastwood land (Pottstown, PA.), we are getting hit with major snow and inclement weather. This always brings to mind Cancer. Metal cancer that is, AKA rust. It’s no secret that we are in the “Salt Belt” here in PA. and many cars begin to rust prematurely due to preventative cleaning. We’ve gone one step further and  developed a road salt neutralizer that can help combat and keep rust from taking over your daily driver. What you do is mix a small amount of the neutralizer in with a bucket of warm water and either spray or sponge it onto any areas of concern that are prone to road spray. The neutralizer is made with inorganic acids and corrosion inhibitors that work to dissolve and clean the film and “gunk” left behind by road spray and that salty wet water you drive through on the roads during this time of year! Keep your daily driver from becoming one of those “extinct” classics years down the road with some preventative measures such as our road salt neutralizer! Keep warm and  safe out there!

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Keep your vehicle from becoming a victim like these sad classics!

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