Soda Blasting Without The Strings Attached

Eastwood Soda Blasting Small Job Kit is Great for the Hobbyist

Media blasting is a godsend when restoring vehicles and cleaning parts. It really can be great for saving money and time by not having to outsource the work to someone else and you can get the satisfaction of doing it yourself. But the only downside is that some soda blasting kits can be expensive and require a large air compressor to blast large areas. So if you want to try soda blasting at home but only want to test it out or just do small parts/areas what do you do? That’s where the Eastwood Soda Blasting Intro Kit comes in. It takes up almost no space and you can order more media for future projects as you find it helpful with your projects. Learn about this little hidden gem in our blasting product line below!

With the small job soda blasting kit you can try out soda blasting without a large initial investment with our blast out of a bucket gun and 10lbs of media. Just connect the gun to your 7 cfm at 80 psi compressor, put on appropriate protection, and put the pickup tube in the included bottle of soda blast media. The Suction head draws the soda into the air stream to minimize surging or skipping and accelerates the media at your part. Trigger action lets you blast when and where you want. The Maintenance M Soda Media is great for removing paint, carbon, and other coatings.

Included in the kit is 1 10 pound bucket of abrasive soda for media blasting and a blasting Gun Assembly with a 2.5mm I.D. Air Jet and 4mm Nozzle installed. You then attach the double pickup tube to the fun with the 5′ long 1/2″ reinforced suction hose. The 1/4″ MNPT quick disconnect fitting lets you easily hook it up to any air compressor and we throw in three extra ceramic nozzles and one spare air jet. All of these parts can be bought separate as you use the kit and you can simply buy another bag or bottle of media as needed without getting an entire new kit! If you want to learn more about this kit and all of our other abrasive blasting products you can visit our site HERE.

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