Small Powder Hopper Saves Time

Eastwood Elite Hot Powder Coating Small Job Hoppers

Our new Eastwood Elite Powder Coating Gun has been a hit with DIY’ers wanting to step up their game and Pro’s wanting an upgrade from their old Eastwood Pro Powder Gun. The new PCS-1000 Powder Gun allows you to use different size hoppers with the gun to quickly change colors without having to fully clean and change powder. This makes it nice for keeping your common colors in the larger five pound hopper that comes standard with the unit; but what if you want to do small batches of different colors?

2 Pound Powder Coating Hopper

We offer a two pound hopper with base that you can use for smaller jobs or quick changing of detail or custom colors. All of the hoppers we suggest be kept at a minimum 1/2-1/4 full for best results so a large 5 pound hopper might be too much if you’re doing a small single job like a set of brake calipers or small engine parts. With the 2 pound hopper you can quickly swap colors or do small batches by only having to fill it with a 1 pound bag of powder. We offer most all of our powder colors in 1 pound increments so it makes it easy to transfer the powder. If you have a common number of powders you use all of the time like satin or gloss black we suggest buying in bulk and keeping them in five pound hoppers and keeping smaller; more specialized colors like metallics, translucents, and custom mixes in the 2 pound hoppers. You can then label them with tape or a label maker to for quick reference and avoids cross contamination. Find all of our Hot Coat Powder Coating Guns, Powders and Supplies HERE.

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