Shed some light on your MIG Welds!

Most anyone that has done any fabrication or welding more than on a well light workbench knows that it can be a pain to see the start point of your weld. Even with the nice Auto-Dimming Welding Helmets on the market, it can still be difficult.

I do the majority of my welding and fabricating on old rusty European cars. This has helped me hone my welding skills, but I always find myself welding a portion of the car that is extremely tough to get to, and of course I always seem to block the lights in my garage while trying to reach said spot. This has caused some “stray” welds around where I actually wanted to start, and extra unnecessary grinding!

I grabbed this new product we just started carrying and gave it a try. It’s a high intensity LED spotlight that attaches to ANY MIG gun. This is one of those instances where I was like “why didn’t I think of that!”. The MIG Light tilts up and down, and can be rotated on the gun for the perfect angle in any welding condition.

I recently was working on an old “Rat” VW Rabbit project, and I needed to weld a patch panel into a corner where the frame rail meets the firewall, and I snapped some pictures. This was the perfect spot to show off how useful it is! Also check out the photo of it in use on J.R.’s “Debris Capri” project below!

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