Sending one back to pasture.

Here at Eastwood, we feel the need to keep at least a few old rusty test vehicles around that we can use to do “real world” testing. We had a ’66 Ford F250 that we had been using for testing the past few years. Yesterday we sent it back to our local “classic car junkyard”. We originally got the truck from the very same yard, and we wanted to make sure it didn’t just go to a normal junkyard, where it would be crushed instantly. I decided to snap some pictures of it getting loaded on the old Chevy rollback they brought by to haul it with. Don’t worry this thing won’t get crushed! It will be held at the yard for someone ready to take it on for a project or use it for a donor to restore another!

Now we just have to convince the bosses to let us snatch up that 40’s Chevy delivery panel van they have sitting at the same yard! I know we’ve been itching for a project to do here in the shop!

Until next time, keep wrenching!


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