Self-Healing Scratch Resistant Spray Paint?

A good paint can be strong, look good, and keep metal from corroding but any paint can fail when scratched or chipped. We wanted to find a paint or primer that is “self-healing” and would seal the metal back up after being scratched or punctured and continue to keep the metal sealed up. We looked to the industrial coatings world and found that a form of zinc-galvanized coating was being used on metal in factories and industrial design applications. We decided to bring that technology and science down to the DIY automotive level and allow the “average guy” to be able to benefit from galvanizing.

So what is Eastwood Zinc-Rich Galvanize coating? It is a fast drying coating that protects steel and ferrous metals exposed to severe corrosive environments. This high performance compound fuses zinc to the metal substrate and provides long-term galvanic protection against corrosion equal to Hot Dip Galvanizing. The finished film contains 95% Zinc that protects the surface, even when penetrated or scratched, as an insoluble Zinc Oxide coating that forms over surface.

Surface prep isn’t much different than painting or coating anything. For best results, use Eastwood’s PRE Painting Prep to clean surface prior to application. Apply aerosol 8-10″ from surface in light coats until surface is completely covered. If applying by brush, we suggest covering the surface in light coats until is fully covered, several coats may be required. This coating is a sacrificial paint, meaning it may require periodic applications to prevent corrosion from accumulating, but it is extremely durable and will last a long time with occasional recoats.

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