Scroll vs. Piston Style Air Compressor

Scroll Compressor vs. Piston Air Compressor. Which is better?

Air compressors are a tool that any industry needs in order to work both effectively and efficiently. In this article we will be discussing the two most popular types of air compressors; the scroll style vs. piston style air compressor.

What is a Scroll Compressor?

Scroll technology has been around many years, being used mostly in industrial settings environments where they could afford them until now. Lets start off by going over the important information. Scroll compressors are very efficient so they cost you much less in electric than the piston style compressor. Another great feature of the scroll compressors is that they require much less maintenance and have a 100% duty cycle with a 100,000 hour pump life. Making it outlast and outperform the piston style compressor. Lastly but most importantly, they are extremely quiet so you are able to work in a enclosed environment without having the headache of listening to an old piston style compressor.

What are the Benefits of a Scroll Compressor

Scroll compressors have a lot of benefits as you can see from above. They are a great addition to any garage and will last you a lifetime. However one issue people tend to have is pricing. Most people look at its size and get on the fence whether to purchase one or not. However size with scroll technology doesn’t matter! They will keep up with any 60 gallon reciprocating air compressor and can run longer! Not just this but scroll compressors will take up less garage space and make less noise than you talking!

Wanna know more about the scroll air compressor? Here is a video that may help:

Don’t want a scroll? No worries! Here’s a video on how to pick the right reciprocating air compressor:

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