Save Time and Mess When Mixing Body Fillers and 2K Epoxies

Eastwood Quick Mix Board Keeps a Clean Mixing Area Every Time.

We all like to save money and time but when mixing body filler the last thing you want to do is use an old piece of cardboard or reuse a mixing board with dried body filler on it. The problem with reusing the same board is that you can get residue or dried body filler into your fresh filler and it will just sit on the surface much like a piece of dirt or welding slag. This will certainly cause issues with your finish and cause more finish work in the end. This is why we’ve started using the Eastwood Quick Mix Board for easy body filler and epoxy mixing. The quick mix board has a wood backing with 100 easy-tear sheets that allow you to mix filler and spread it while holding the handle on the back much like an artists painting pallet. Once done you can rip the sheet off and fold it in half to seal up any unused filler and avoid getting it on anything. We included one spreader to get you started. We offer a full line of autobody supplies and you can get everything you need to go from bare metal to clear coat in one stop! Find our entire auto body supplies selection HERE.

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