1. 1 70’s VW beetle bumper (rear?)
    1 70’s VW Beetle headlight ring
    1 70’s VW Beetle side mirror
    2 Cadillac wreath emblems
    1 Cadillac windshield pillar trim

  2. Mirror is not a beetle Side mirror,…. (at least any I know were fasctory) Might be out of a convertible center of the header though….. But I still don’t think so.

    The bumper is definitely a Beetle Bumper…. ’74 and up I think…. not sure as the mounting holes are covered…. but The trim piece on one end says 74 at least. Pretty sure the shape of the bumper says “rear bumper” too.

    I don’t think the A-Pillar is cadillac either,…. It looks like a Ford Design….. But could be almost any brand/model.

    And yes,… the 2 door panels are the same and appear to be right side interior door trim from the Chevy Trucks,…. mid 70’s to mid 80’s

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