Save Money and Repair Your Brakes Yourself!

The FAIRMOUNT® Tools Brake Caliper Piston Retractor Tool can service most caliper pistons on most cars.

As cars progress so do repair and maintenance design features. This means that a lot of modern cars require more than just a C-clamp and a single wrench to replace the brake pads or rotors. We’ve found that auto manufacturers can’t agree on how the brake caliper pistons should be retracted. Some require electronic controls turned off, some require special tools to turn the pistons in. We’ve tried to put together a kit that covers 99% of the tools needed to service the brakes on your modern car with the Fairmount Brake Caliper Piston Retractor Kit.

The FAIRMOUNT® Tools Brake Caliper Piston Retractor Tool set includes all the components required to retract most brake caliper pistons including straight push-back and rotate-back, parking brake designs in virtually any car, SUV or light truck.

  • Retract most brake caliper pistons
  • Works on cars, SUV ‘s and light trucks
  • Constructed of high-quality steel with hardened drive pins
  • Comes with heavy-duty blow molded case

This tool is constructed of high-quality tool steel with hardened drive pins. Both left and right hand threaded drive tools allow use on left or right hand threaded calipers and feature magnetic drive plates to retain selected adapters during use.

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