Safest Way to Clean Greasy Car Parts

Eastwood Metal Wash Saves Time and The Environment

When cleaning greasy parts it can be difficult to find a solution or chemical that will be safe to use on sensitive skin and also that is non-toxic. We’ve found that using Eastwood Metal Wash with hot/warm water will clean and degrease parts as good as a solvent based cleaner but without the nasty chemicals in the other products.

Metal Wash cleans and protects in one quick step without using harsh or flammable solvents, and promotes topcoat adhesion on bare metal. Mix with hot water; 7 ozs. of concentrate makes 8-10 quarts of solution (or mix 5 level teaspoons with 1 quart of warm water). Apply by dipping or using a pump spray bottle. Metal wash not only removes residual grease and oil but also leaves a protective film behind that prevents rust for up to 3 weeks in dry storage. Metal wash is an excellent prep for any coating. For faster cleaning (without corrosion resistance) use PRE Painting Prep (10041Z).

Next time you want a safer cleaning agent try Eastwood Metal Wash concentrate on your project.

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