Safely Fill Coolant Without Leaks

Don’t cry over spilled milk but your wallet and mother earth will definitely cry over coolant spills and leaks! If you’ve tried to flush or fill a cooling system you know it can be nearly impossible to fill the coolant without leaking or spilling. Just the idea of trying to pour a gallon full of coolant out of a large opening in the bottle into a small opening on a radiator can bring back bad childhood memories of playing Operation and the buzz when you touched the tweezers to the edge!

Topping of a cooling system or filling one for the 1st time can be a messy job and potentially harmful job since you are dealing with very hot antifreeze. Stop messing your shop floor with boil overs and missed fill necks with the Eastwood Cooling System Fill Kit. No more spills or boil overs. This kit allows mess-free cooling system filling with a choice of positive air bleeding methods. It also is very universal and includes five popular adapter cap styles to fit most radiator and coolant reservoir filler necks. This kit also has a nice selection of 45° and straight extension pipes allow access to angled and hard to reach filler necks. So no matter if you’re working on a large dually pickup truck, a small compact, or a modified antique car this kit will work well for you and save coolant leaks and spills!

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