Safe Alternatives to Jack Stands

Jack Stands are a simple concept and haven’t changed a lot over the years. A jack stand is basically a fixed way to hold a vehicle up off of the ground and is supposed to allow for safe work under a car. They do have their downsides and if not setup properly or if you have inferior jack stands that are on recall you may be looking to avoid jack stands all together. Below we list the top ways to lift and support your vehicle off the ground without using jack stands.

  1. Auto Ramps- A safe way to get to the underside of your vehicle for routine maintenance is to use ramps that you can drive up on yourself. Ramps usually have a flat spot on the top that you can stop the vehicle at and the weight of the car is still supported by the wheels and suspension of the car. Make sure that when choose a set of auto ramps they are rated for half the weight of your vehicle. You can find our Vehicle Ramps HERE.
  2. Permanent Auto Lift- By Far the best way to lift an auto for repair or restoration is to use a permanently fixed 2 post or 4 post lift. These lifts are attached deep in a concrete floor with structural anchors that keep the lift from moving. They then use a hydraulic or air powered ram/piston on each post of the lift to raise the vehicle up. These lifts require more space, money and setup, but are by far the safest way to lift a car to do any kind of work. Find our full range of Auto Lifts HERE.
  3. Quick Jack Mobile Lifts- Using a mobile auto lift is an affordable way to lift a car to do general maintenance on your vehicle. They generally are easy to install, don’t take up a lot of room, and aren’t as expensive as permanent lifts. These lifts use hydraulic cylinders that raise pads that touch the entire bottom of the car and lift it up. These lifts are the easiest and safest to use for a beginner and are most definitely safe than jack stands! See our entire line of QuickJack Car Lifts HERE.

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