RV’s Deserve a Second Chance Too

Spraying an RV with Eastwood Paint

Yellowed White Paint Before

RV’s and car trailers often are the most overlooked for restoration or a repaint. Not only are the quite large, they often are made of different types of materials and most DIY’ers are intimidated to tackle a job like this. Below we show off a recent submission of photos of a nearly 20 year old RV that was in desperate need of a repaint. The exterior had gone from a pure white to a faded yellow and really dated it.

After getting quotes of $4,000-$9,000 to paint at a body shop these DIY’ers departed down the rabbit hole of preparing the body for paint themselves. After many hours of sanding, filling, and preparing the body for paint it was ready for a fresh coat of white paint. This was until they realized they had a full day taping and masking the RV!

Eastwood Pure White Single Stage Paint

In the end they settled on Eastwood Pure White Single Stage paint and they went to work painting themselves. The results really speak for themselves and it’s something to be proud even right off the gun before wet sanding and buffing! Hats off to all of our fearless Eastwood customers like this that take on intimidating jobs and make it look easy!

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