Rust Proofing VS. Undercoating Which is Better?

When should you rust proof vs. Undercoat a vehicle

No matter what you do if you own a vehicle for long enough you will be faced with the project of refreshing the undercarriage. We often get asked by customers if they should just undercoat the bottom of their vehicle or if they need to rust proof it as well? The answer is really dependent on the condition of your vehicle. Below we list the most common situations and how you should handle them.

  1. Preventative Maintenance- If you have a newer vehicle or maybe one that was well kept over the years you might not have any sign of rust underneath, but you want to keep it that way. In this instance you merely want to protect the coating that is already there. You can skip to just using our Rubberized Undercoating and Internal Frame Coating in hidden areas to assure everything will stay that nice for years to come!
  2. Rust Repair- If you have visible rust on the undercarriage and you want to prolong the vehicle you need to remove or stop the rust and rust proof the area. If it is just surface rust or light rust you can simply wire wheel or wire brush it and apply Rust Encapsulator to stop it and then top coat with a Rubberized Undercoating to protect it all. If you want a one-step solution our Rubberized Rust Encapsulator is the best of both worlds as it will treat and stop the rust as well as leaving a rubberized finish that will resist road debris.

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