Easy Way to Remember When to Change Oil – Quick Tip

Trying to remember oil change intervals can be a hassle especially if you have more than one vehicle in your garage.  Even if your memory is spot on, its not worth taking the risk of damaging your motor from a missed oil change.


Here is an easy way to keep track of all your vehicles oil change intervals without having to remember the mileage for each.



After you’ve drained your oil and are getting ready to screw on a new filter, grab a perminant marker and write down the date and mileage of your car, or the mileage that you want the next change to be.



Now all you need to do to see when to change your oil next is take a look under your car for the filter.  This is especially helpful on your classic that you only take out on the weekends and to shows.


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– James R/EW

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