The Easiest Way To Turn Brake Line Fittings- ZWrench Ratcheting Line Wrenches

We all dread doing brake work on a vehicle that hasn’t been apart in many years. It never fails that you have at least one brake fitting that rounds off, or is rusted and takes forever to loosen. It also may be no coincidence that the offending fitting is the one that is in the most awkward position possible!

Zwrench Ratcheting Line Wrench

A gem in the Eastwood product line is the new ZWrench Ratcheting Line Wrenches. This set is a time saver and no longer do you need to repeat the process of taking your line wrench off the fitting, rotating the wrench, putting the wrench back on, turn it a quarter turn,etc. We have had great feedback on this new wrench set and many wondered how they lived without it!

Check out the video we did on these to see it in action and what makes these wrenches so special!

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  1. Those may be good but if you’ve got the room the IRWIN Vise-Grip 7LW (or other sizes) are better.

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