Quick Change LED Work Light Saves Space and Time

3 Worklights in One Small Package!

In the past few years cordless work lights have gotten incredibly powerful and smaller than ever. We’re always looking for a way to save space, time, and money. That is where our best portable LED work light system comes into play. This quick change work light system allows you to have three different types of work lights in one small package. All 3 lights work off of 1 rechargeable Li-ion battery pack and charge with a micro-USB charger. This makes it easy to charge them in your garage or on the go in your vehicle.

The starter kit includes a Snake Light Attachment, Flat LED Light Attachment, and a Variable Flash/Flood Light Attachment. These all are removed with a half turn of the base of the light to swap. You can also add additional battery packs to keep your lights going with no interruption.

The next time you’re looking for a work light for your shop consider the Eastwood Quick Change LED Work Light system as it will outperform lights twice its size! Find all of our work light solutions HERE.

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