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One place that many often forget when restoring a vehicle is the exhaust system. Like the rest of your vehicle, rust loves to hide in those hard to reach locations. Your exhaust system is no different. If you think about it, the exhaust is subject to some pretty harsh conditions. Not only does it see all types of weather, road salt, and grime, but it also will be subject to extreme temperature changes. These conditions help accelerate the rust both inside and outside of your exhaust system.

We realize that working on your exhaust system is not a fun job, so we have developed a full line of Exhaust Paints that will allow your exhaust system to last the life of your car so you don’t have to do the job more than once.

The first step when installing a new exhaust system is to coat the inside of the exhaust (especially inside headers and manifolds) with Eastwood Internal Exhaust Coating. This will stop any rust that could be lurking inside your exhaust and seal out moisture from causing future corrosion. Internal Exhaust Coating also keeps your under hood temperatures down, giving added benefits aside from the obvious. This is a step that is often missed, but is necessary to the longevity of your exhaust system.

Next is to coat the outside of your exhaust system to avoid external corrosion and also to keep it looking great! We offer a number of different Exhaust Coatings to give you anything from an eye-catching custom look, to an exact replica of how your exhaust looked rolling off of the showroom floor!

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So next time you do exhaust work on your vehicle, take the time to make sure your exhaust lasts as long as the rest of the project!


  1. Wish I would have used this stuff on my Mustang. Replaced the exhaust about 5 years ago and I’m already seeing BAD rust. Any suggestions on how to protect already rusted exhaust to keep it from getting worse?

  2. @Clarke – Our “Internal Exhaust Coating” will stop and convert any existing rust and seal it from getting worse. It also leaves a phosphoric coating so the rust won’t return. Hope that helps!

  3. I have a set of motorcycle exhaust pipes that have severe rusting on the inside. Do I need to clean out the existing rust first because there is so much of it, or will this spray convert everything?

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