Pro Tips for Abrasive Blasting

The Ultimate Way to Prep Parts

If you’re gonna prep a part for paint or powder you’re going to want something that’s efficient so you aren’t sitting there all day working. If you want something that’s going to be effective, removing a 100% of all your coatings, corrosion and contaminants the best method is abrasive blasting.

Blasting is so much more efficient and effective than other ways of prepping parts. Typically if you do not have a blaster, the next most popular thing to do is use a wire wheel or stripping discs. Even though this work it does have its downsides, such as making a mess. Not only this but you can never get into tight places to remove all the dirt, paint and rust. Plus, if you don’t get all the rust out of the pits it’s going to push back through your paint and continue to spread. Lastly, doing the job by hand just takes forever and will make you more frustrated and ready to toss in the towel.

Some features and benefits that makes our blast cabinet the best value on the market are listed below.

  1. The door opens from the top which means it can fit into tight spaces, but still has a large enough compartment to blast all your parts.
  2. The high flow blast gun is one of the most powerful available and will strip parts fast so you aren’t on the machine all day.
  3. The cabinet has large adjustable air inlet openings with an exhaust port that hooks up to a standard one-and-a-half inch vacuum hose.
  4. Our blast cabinets have a bright light that makes it easy to see when you’re blasting.
  5. The large window in the front makes it easy to see what you’re blasting and it comes with replacement liners to keep them from fading over years of use.
  6. The grip textured gloves that go with our cabinet to make it easy to hold parts so you never have to worry about them falling out of your hands.
  7. The internal hopper design eliminates the media starvation problems of other cabinets; plus it will work with as little as 50 pounds of media.
  8. Sturdy construction of the cabinet enables it to hold up to 125 pounds; plus its easy to assemble. Since it is constructed very precisely we are able to get you it at a low price with no shipping fees.

Now that we’ve talked about some of the features and benefits that makes ours the best value on the market, let’s talks about blasting. A key feature of this cabinet is the high flow gun and nozzle that removes paint and rust quickly. Plus, the blaster gets into spots that wire wheels and stripping discs never could and it also removes the rust from the pits. If you’ve ever tried to clean a spring you know the only way is with a blaster. When parts are in a cabinet the material stays contained and is reused which saves you money and the parts come out clean. Not only do the pieces look better but the paint and powder sticks better. You can try wire brushing or doing parts by hand but it’s gonna take you a week to get the results you could get in a cabinet in a day. The only way to get a corroded part back to its former glory would be to use abrasive blasting. Click the link below to learn more about the Eastwood blast cabinet.

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