Prime and Smooth Your Bodywork in one Step!

A smooth, straight paint job starts with a flat and straight base. Applying filler and sanding most of it off can be a time consuming process and once you get the body work close it may take more time to apply filler than to sand what you need off. High build primers like Slick Sand are the miracle primer that has ultra high build quality but still seals the surface up.

Evercoat Slick Sand™ primes and levels all at once! This high-solids, extra high-build, polyester-based formula is a sprayable primer/surfacer that acts like a primer and a body filler all in one. It offers excellent adhesion to Epoxy primer, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, SMC, and body filler. Slick Sand fills and seals in one pass and can even be applied over small bare metal spots where you may have just barely sanded through filler or primer. It is ideal for applying over large areas that have minor waves or imperfections in the panel to level it all. The result is level base you can block sand to perfection and apply color and clear directly over. For large bare metal areas we do suggest applying an epoxy primer first.

Find all of primers, paints and clear coats HERE.

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