Preserve Original Paint and Patina

Trends change, whether it’s fashion, automotive, or music things come around and change. In the past 5-10 years the automotive aftermarket has seen the hobby embracing original or old paint and cars that are weathered by mother nature. We’ve watched as big name auction companies have dropped the hammer on big dollar cars covered in barn dirt and animal droppings. It’s pretty crazy but there is something really cool about a classic wearing its old paint and “patina” like a badge of honor. While some hate the patina trend we sort of love it. These old weathered cars show their age and tell a story like a grandparent that worked a long life in a blue collar trade and their scars and stories make them who they are. These old survivor cars have a place in this hobby and we think they should be preserved and embrace the imperfections much like we do our own scars and stories.

Unless you’re keeping your patina-queens in a museum you will need to protect and slow down the “aging” mother nature has set in place. We went to work on coming up with a nearly transparent sealer that will protect original paint, chrome, and trim from weathering at an accelerated rate when exposed to normal driving. We’ve seen it too often where a barn find car gets put back on the road and the old faded paint starts to fail or fade even quicker because of the exposure to direct sunlight and **gasp** an occasional rain. Without a 100% restoration it’s hard to completely stop ALL aging of the vehicle but you can certainly stop or slow anything down that you can get to.

Eastwood Patina Preserver provides a clear protective coat on the body of your car that creates a safe barrier between your worn metals and natural elements. This spray-on preservative coat is 100% invisible to the naked eye, as it consists of Eastwood’s exclusive micro-thin build, Nano Barrier Technology. This technology protects the surface of your car from further corroding, fading and tarnish, and it is compatible with such materials as aluminum, brass, copper, steel and more! Patina Preserver is a long-lasting method for preserving your car’s surface and limiting any additional wear and tear. This Patina Preserver will keep any vintage discoloration or fading exactly the way it is for a long time. Areas coated with Patina Preserver won’t corrode any further and that classic look will remain exactly the same. The Patina Preserver Aerosol is ideal to use on entire vehicles, wheels, bumpers, interiors and just about any other metal surface you want to preserve.

So if you have a vehicle you want to keep looking old-school-cool think about checking out all of our detail paints and coatings HERE.

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