Powder Coating Isn’t Just for Automotive Use- Antique and Collectible Restoration

In the Early-2000’s Eastwood shook up the coating world and we launched the first DIY Powder Coating Kit that could be used at home by a hobbyist on a budget. We’ve seen it all when it comes to powder coating and it definitely has been a fun ride. But over the years it seems powder coating has occasionally been pigeon-holed into the automotive world for its best use. In reality powder coating has been around for much longer than we’ve been offering it to customers but it was only in a industrial application. Furniture, farm implements, and building materials were being powder coated because of its durability. One of the up and coming powder coating uses has been restoration and collectible restoration.

With the boom of antique and collectibles gaining mainstream attention from TV Shows like American Pickers, American Restoration, and others it’s no surprise that the trend of restoring everyday items like toys, appliances and furniture has become more popular. We’ve also noticed that there has been a rise of YouTube channels promoting and documenting restoring old collectibles like JoeDIY, Rescue and Rescue & Restore and others. These YouTubers take neat old forgotten items like kids toys, old tools, stuck small engines, and more and give them a new lease on life. Many of these items had either powder coated or baked on enamel coatings that were very tough and stood the test of time. This is where DIY powder coating can really help give a professional finish that will stand the test of time like the original coatings.

In order to start powder coating antiques and collectibles you don’t need a lot to get you started. A quality powder coating gun like the Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Gun will allow you to shoot multiple coats and also won’t break the bank. You also need a way to bake the powders as most powders need to be cured at 250-350F degrees. We suggest finding a powder oven that will fit the largest items you “might” powder coat. In reality powder coating is addictive and you’ll likely outgrow your powder oven and go larger after you perfect your skills. The final thing you’ll need is a small air compressor. Most powder coating guns don’t require a large amount of air pressure of flow, but they need something that can keep up. We offer a small pancake air compressor that can keep up with most DIY powder coating projects and also won’t break the bank.

Most antiques and collectibles are sprayed in a single, basic color and don’t require special polishing, prep, or multiple coats. This makes things like old metal toys, vintage furniture, and more easy to learn on since black, reds, whites, etc. are about as easy as it gets to powder coat. If you want to get started in collectible restoration and powder coating make sure you check out all of our DIY Powder Coating products HERE.

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