Pour It Lids Help Reduce Wasting Paint

Do you hate to waste paint? It’s nearly impossible to pour paint, clear coat, or other liquids from a full gallon or quart can without spilling. Pour-It Lids snap securely in place instead of the metal lid and allow you to pour without spilling thanks to the smaller spout with screw-on lid.

Modern paints and clear coats these days are VERY expensive and with some color paints costing hundreds of dollars a gallon every drop costs you money so a messy pour is like throwing money away. We’ve found that using Pour-It lids to pour out our paints and clear coats into our mixing cups.

Using Pour-It lids is easy. Simply snap the
low density polyethylene solvent resistant lids over your quart or gallon can. Run the heel of your hand around the ridge of the can to assure a proper seal and begin pouring. These lids will also keep the paint or clear coat out of the grooves in the can which can dry and lock a paint can lid in place and potentially wreck a valuable can of product. After use we suggest spraying off your Pour-It Lid with PRE Paint Prep and drying with a lint free rag.

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