1960 Dream Car… A Survivor For Over 50 Years- Plymouth XNR Concept

Mystery…intrigue…revolution— and I’m not even talking about the car’s design!

It all started when the concept car you see above was conceived by Chrysler to compete with the highly popular Chevrolet Corvette. This 1960 Plymouth XNR featured a high-performance, 250-HP engine that could deliver a top speed of 150 mph, so it might have been worthy competition.

But Chrysler soon realized that a one-seat roadster, one with a very unusual asymmetrical fin behind the driver, had little, if any, chance in the automotive market.

Rather than send it to a junkyard, this piece of automobile history was shipped off to the renown Carrozzeria Ghia design studio and coach builder in Italy. It eventually ended up in one of the garages of Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, a passionate car collector who also happened to be the Shah of Iran. He later sold it to a Kuwaiti businessman, and then this 1960 Plymouth XNR disappeared for more than a decade…until the car was discovered hiding smack dab in the middle of a Middle Eastern civil war.

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