Eastwood Retail Outlet Hosts Patch Panel Training Class

We’ve found that most car guys and gals are “hands on” learners. Sure you can read all the tech articles and watch all the Youtube videos in the world, but putting in the time practicing is where most of us really learn. We recently started holding small tech seminars where we let our customers learn from the professionals and get their hands dirty in the process. In this most recent two day class we taught local customers how to make, fit, weld, and finish a patch panel on a fender. Once the students saw how to make the patch panel, the instructor tack welded it in and allowed the class to take turns welding the patch in place. The following day an autobody instructor showed the course how prep the panel for filler and primer. In the end the panel was left ready for primer and the students had some new found confidence to tackle their own projects.

If you would like to attend a class or have an idea for a future class feel free to give our retail outlet a call. Thanks to the guys at Street Visions for sharing their knowledge for the weekend!

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