Parts Washer Is a Must for Any DIY Shop

If you’re doing any type of automotive or mechanical repair you’ll likely have to clean greasy or dirty parts before repairing, restoring, or servicing. Whether you’re just doing valve cover gaskets on the daily driver or a full body-off restoration you’re going to need to clean parts and doing it in the driveway is labor intensive and downright messy. Many home hobbyists clean greasy parts the “down and dirty” way using excessive cans of brake clean, chassis kleen, or PRE and a brush in a bucket or the driveway. This is very wasteful and not good for our environment. We’ve found that you can mix up a large batch of concentrate cleaner with water and clean parts in a parts washer more effectively than the driveway spray-and-brush method.

One of the biggest upsides to having a good parts washer cabinet is the ability to use the circulating cleaner through the pressurized parts cleaning brush or nozzle to simultaneously wash the parts clean and keep a steady flow over the parts. This will save time and help you see what needs clean. The size of the parts washer is only dependent on your floor space in the garage or the size parts you plan to clean. We like to submerge and soak stubborn or really grimy parts overnight in the cleaning solution to help loosen things up and make it easier to clean.

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