How to Remove a Dent in A Car without Damaging the Paint

How confident are we in the Eastwood paintless dent removal kit? So confident that Ryan hit the quarter panel of his perfectly straight GMC Denali with a hammer just to show he could pull the dent out and make it straight again!

Small dents can really ruin the appearance of a car whether it’s from a stone, hail damage, shopping cart, or someone who opened their door into your car. Getting them out can be costly especially if you have a bunch of them. A kit like this can save you a lot of money, especially if removing the dents also helps increase the resale value of your car. Eastwood has a lot of methods to remove dents from just about every shape of hammers and dollies or get into tight areas with bullseye picks which are great for hard-to-reach places or tiny imperfections and MIG stud weld kits that allow you to attach studs to the dents and then use a slide hammer to pull them out. These are all great for restorations or if you’re planning on repainting the panel, but if it’s a daily driver or a car you don’t want to repaint you’ll need a paintless dent removal kit.

This kit comes with everything you need including: glue sticks, electric hot glue gun, slide hammer dent puller, a lever type dent puller, and assortment of reusable plastic buttons to match the size and shape of the dent, a nylon scraper, and a spray bottle.

You can really see the dent in the reflection of the Eastwood logo. To remove a dent select size and shape button that matches the dent and  place glue on the button and attach to the car in the center of the dent. After about a minute you can begin working on the dent.

There are two options; the slide hammer or the lever type dent puller. If you want to use the slide hammer simply attach it to the button and slide the weight out.

To use the lever type dent puller attach it to the button and adjust the knob until the pad set firmly against the car and pull the handle.

Spray denatured alcohol on the glue and use the plastic non-marring scraper to remove it

Sometimes only one round of pulling will remove the dent, but many times the dent will only be partially removed. If that happens you can move to a smaller button and repeat the process. Again apply the glue to the button, attaching the button to the center of the dent and pulling. Depending on the size you may have to repeat the process a third or fourth time moving to a smaller button each time.

In a few minutes the dent was removed, and the car looks great again. Just look at the difference in the panel with the dent removed. This project takes minimal experience and if you take your time most anyone can repair dents without having to repaint the entire panel!




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