Paint a Car Without An Air Compressor- Eastwood Turbine Paint System

Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun for a DIY Paint Job

One of the biggest hurdles of painting a car yourself is the need for an air compressor that is large enough to keep up with a paint gun. Some paint guns require a large industrial sized compressor and that can get very expensive once you factor in all of the other components like a air dryer, moisture separator, air lines, paint gun, etc. Eastwood offers a compressor-less paint gun system that saves the space and money investment needed when of a paint gun and air compressor when painting a car.

The Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun System is a self contained power house that utilizes a 5 stage turbine motor capable of producing 9.5psi at 130CFM. The beauty of a turbine system is that it doesn’t produce moisture when running like an overrun air compressor will. This means a moisture-free paint job and one less variable out of the equation of a perfect paint job.

YouTube DIY Enthusiast “SamCrac” Using the Eastwood Turbine Paint System

The USA-made turbine Paint Gun system works off of a standard 110V outlet and allows you to paint remotely anywhere a 110V extension cord can reach. Like standard HVLP guns the turbine system accepts different size tips and nozzles to spray a wide variety of coatings from high build primers up to paint and clear coat. This system is the choice of many home hobbyists as well as professionals and works well in a collision shop where you may have numerous paint techs doing spot repairs on bumpers, trunk lids, and hoods.

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