Own a Heart-Throb’s Porsche and A Piece of Hollywood History

McQueen 911S

Whats better than owning a clean nostalgic 70’s era 911S? Well, other than owning one with a GT3 drivetrain that is… would have to be owning THE ’70 911S that Steve McQueen owned, and drove in the cult classic Le Mans. This exact car was THE one that he was seen driving around in this scene, how cool!

Now are you as excited as I am? Probably not.. but if so, get yourself out to the Monterey RM auction in late August! There is a lot of speculation about what this special 911S will go for, but if it is anything like the auction of his ’63 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso that went for double its projected auction price, it should be an interesting auction!
McQueen 911S-2

Until I can afford it, I’ll just have to pretend I’m McQueen in my little green VW Rabbit for now.. Hey at least its in the same production family!

*Thanks to RideStory for the initial posting on this.

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