Our Top Tech Tip for Buffing Paint

Buffing your paint on your car can be a very rewarding job. Whether you’re bringing tired, old paint back or you’re finishing off a fresh paint job; nothing beats a freshly cleaned and polished paint job. There are a few things that can be tricky when buffing a car yourself and we want to make sure that you don’t turn this project into a failure instead of a rewarding process.

Our top tip for buffing a car is actually in the prep work to buff the paint. You want to keep away from edges, holes, and body parts that can catch the buffer and burn the paint off the edges. Paint is generally thinner on the edges of body lines and accessories like hood scoops, door handles, trim, etc. For that reason we suggest using masking tape to cover over body lines and those other parts. If you tape just a 1/16th or 1/8″ off of a body line it will give you safe stopping point for your buffer when working large panels. When you’re done you can remove the tape and touch up those areas by hand or with the final step on a small buffer polisher with a fine pad and compound.

Hopefully this quick tip helps you with your next buffing job! Find all of our auto care and detailing products HERE.

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