Our Favorite Rust Removers For Cars

Until automobiles are made 100% of plastic there will always be a threat of rust to deteriorate your vehicle. Preventing rust isn’t always a thing you think about until the rust is already present. That is why we decided to show you our favorite ways to remove different types of rust from your car. Read more below.

  1. Fast Etch- Eastwood Fast Etch is a great product for removing light surface rust or rust that is in hard to reach areas. If you have light surface rust you can apply fast etch to a rag or the surface and let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off. If the rust has been on there for a while you may need to use an abrasive scuff pad or steel wool to help remove the rust. The fast etch will leave behind a phosphoric coating that will help seal the metal if it is bare. If it is on paint you will want to use a PRE paint prep to remove any residue. If you have rust in metal pits or crevices you can soak a rag or paper towel and the area with fast etch and cover the area with the paper towel and let the saturated area soak. It will eventually dissolve the rust and help get light rust out of hard to reach areas. Make sure you wear gloves when handling Fast Etch!
  2. Rust Dissolver- Eastwood Rust Dissolver is best for items that are a little more than surface rusted and need soaking to remove the rust. The great thing about rust dissolver is that it is gentle enough to not harm metal or most paint around the repair area so it can be used on areas with some paint, some rust, some bare metal. With rust disssolver you need to keep the product from drying out too quickly. If you coat a rusted area with plastic wrap or a saturated rag it will help the product work better on rusty metal. If you have smaller parts you can also soak the parts in a vat of rust dissolver to give a perfectly clean part. We even demonstrated it by soaking and de-rusting an entire car dashboard! See the video HERE.
  3. Contour SCT- Have heavy rust or a large area that will need the rust stripped off? Then you will need to mechanically remove the rust and our most diverse and powerful way to do so is with the Eastwood Contour SCT. This drum sander is extremely powerful and you can pair different grit and material abrasive drums with the tool to get the desired finish. Watch our video on stripping an entire 50’s Chevy Pickup with the sander HERE.

If you want to see all of our products for preventing, stopping, and treating rust visit our Rust Solutions category HERE.

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