Our Favorite New Cutting Tool

Sanding and Cutting are two of the tasks that we’re always looking for new and better ways to do easier. We’re constantly working on our own projects and coming up with new tools that solve problems we’ve had on our own projects. That’s why we have so many different sanding, stripping, and cutting tools! One of our newest cutting tools in our Inline Air Cut Off Tool. This cut off tool is perfect for when your standard cut off grinder head gets in the way of your line of site or just won’t allow an accurate cut due to it’s size.

The Eastwood 3″ Inline Air Cut Off Tool features a unique air motor configuration which gives you additional versatility and line of sight when cutting a panel. By adding a infinitely adjustable spark shield it allows you to aim the debris away from yourself and the cutting area for a better quality and safer cut! We’ve also added a progressive trigger in addition to the speed control on the tool itself. This allows you to do low speed cuts to set a line in a panel and speed up to make quick cuts of metal. Since the motor is a high torque ball bearing design it doesn’t stall easily and can cut metal up the blade diameter thickness. While this tool may not work in every cutting situation it will be a project saver on those where a standard cutting tool won’t fit. We’ve found more uses than even we expected and it hasn’t skipped a beat during our testing so we know it’ll be an asset to a weekend warrior or a pro fabricator. To see all of our cutting tools visit our site HERE.

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