Not Your Typical Resto Project…This “Krazy Kar” Has 2 Front Ends!

This Krazy Kar (shown in 1961) could be steered from either end!

I’m sure many people have restored 1939 Chevrolets over the years, but back in 1959, two brothers had a different spin on that project.

Wilfred and Henry Abels from Clay Center, Kansas decided that they wanted to build something special for the 1961 Kansas State Centennial celebration. They already had an old 1939 Chevrolet parked in back of their barn. All they needed was to find a similar car and they would build one vehicle with two front ends welded together, and that could be steered from either end!

The Abels finally found a front end from a Dodge Power Wagon that was close enough to be usable. After a lot of work spread out over two years, they were ready to drive in the ’61 Centennial parade, where it was well-received, as you might imagine! The Krazy Kar would show up at dozens of county fairs and parades throughout Kansas until 1973, when it went back into the barn.

Fast forward to 2008, when the Abels family got to work restoring the original restoration, and displayed it in front of the family store during the annual “Piotique City Festival”. After 35 years, Wilfred was able to take one last look at his project before he passed a few years later.

For the complete fascinating story of the Krazy Kar, click here.

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