Keep Your Hands Warm with Nitrile Gloves- Quick Tip

Winter is just around the corner and if your up north the cold is a major speed bump in getting your project done.  By far the biggest issue when dealing with the cold is keeping your hands warm, sure you can wear thick gloves but it then becomes impossible to handle small parts.


Here is a tip that’ll help keep you working into those cold winter months.

Wearing Nitrile Gloves as your first layer does an amazing job of keeping your hands warm.  Since nitrile gloves are non porous, they act as insulation by not letting any heat or moisture escape from your hands.



If you usually wear Mechanics Gloves try wearing Nitrile Gloves under your other gloves, this will not only keep you hands warm, it will also act as a chemical barrier in the event of a spill.



This trick even works under your Welding Gloves, Nitrile gloves are thin enough to fit under just about any pair of work gloves.  I even wear them under my snow gloves when shoveling and skiing, don’t put yourself at risk of getting frostbite when a solution is it this easy.


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– James R/EW

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