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Hey everyone,

My name is Shawn Pillow and I’ve just joined the Eastwood Team for an internship in the Marketing department. As I give you a little background info on myself, I’ll begin explaining why you should follow my blog, so just hang in there.

I’m a rising senior at Duke University pursuing a degree in Political Science and a certificate in Markets and Marketing. While I’ve always had a passing interest in cars (by which I essentially mean, “I sometimes have a picture of one as the background on my Mac”), I’ve never really modified any car that I’ve owned, unless you count installing a connection for an iPod as a “customization.” Instead, I’ve driven a series of Volvo sedans ( a ’95 850, a ’99 S70, and now a ’98 S70) so dull that even I would have a difficult time picking them out of a line-up. Though I have some basic technical familiarity from working in construction and assisting my father in various home improvement projects, I’ve always been a little intimidated by working with an automobile.

Many of my friends and fraternity brothers will have the same job title this summer (“intern”), but they’ll get the same exposure to business as if they’d read a book or watched a documentary. At the end of the summer, they’ll be lucky if their boss knows their name. Meeting the owner or CEO? Forget about it.

Not at Eastwood – our president, Curt Strohacker, stops by my desk every day to talk, and it’s always with the same greeting, “You learning something?” If Curt could stop by your garage or shop to check in on your projects, I’m sure he’d lead off with the same question. After all, that’s part of what makes a hobby so enjoyable – encountering a new challenge or obstacle and figuring out how to overcome it.

And that’s the heart of what I’d like to show you through my blog posts; the culture at Eastwood, and what makes it so valuable to me as a young intern, is what makes Eastwood so valuable to you as a restoration enthusiast. Don’t think of Eastwood as a supplier or a store; think of us as a resource and an extension of the restoration community. Your passion makes everything that we do possible, and inspires in us a passion to deliver the finest products and give you the most responsive and helpful support possible.

Being in this environment every day, I’m anxious to tackle a few projects of my own and I’ll chronicle my adventures here. I look forward to sharing my experiences, both in the garage and in the office, with y’all and hearing your feedback!




  1. Hi Shawn! It’s nice to be here reading your blog.I’m looking forward to learn from your experiences.I’m not so good when it comes to my car or any car but i’m a big fan of those who fix or modified cars.I also like your marketing topic.Keep posting!

  2. Shawn:
    Sounds like you are in the right profession. It means alot for people to have a resource, or to be able to contact someone with a question. That will build a good business.
    Don’t ever be intimidated to work on a project. Its not rocket science. Just jump in with both feet. You’ll be surprised what you can learn. When I started my ’48 Ford p/u I did not know one thing about trucks. I did know the feeling I got each time I worked on it. My Dad and Grandpa both have driven this truck. I can remember setting in the middle between them. They both have passed on and I miss them. I’ve learned body work, welding, painting and now upholstery. I’m even doing my own Tuck N’ Roll. But you’re probably too young to know what it is. Ha. Just teasing. Good luck with your new job. You’ll do fine. TTYL Ralph.

  3. Thanks guys! Should be a new post today or tomorrow with some exciting product videos so stay tuned!

  4. Nice meeting you Shawn and thanks for sharing stuff about yourself here.I think we have the same like in terms of car and marketing.I’m a newbie in marketing and still learning from different articles.And cars are my passion,i love to see and be updated for new cars launch every year.

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