Must Have Tool for Sanding Wood and Grinding Metal- 12″ Disc Sander

The Eastwood 12 inch sander rips through metal and is backed by a powerful eight amp one and a quarter horsepower motor to power through any fabrication jobs.

A generous table size keeps your project flat while grinding saving you from incorrect grinds. You can quickly and accurately bevel weld joints with the miter gauge which adjust sixty degrees in either direction.

The built in brake located right on top quickly and easily stops the spinning disc. This break is much safer than trying to jam a piece of wood or metal against the disc to slow it down.

The Eastwood 12-inch disc sander is also perfect for sanding wood. One word of caution; just make sure to thoroughly clean out any dust and debris which is accumulated inside the unit between wood and metal.

The cast iron base adds some weight to the tool to keep it planted on the workbench and the rubber feet also absorb some of the motor noise/vibration.

With space being at a premium you can easily store the sander under a work bench using the built-in handle; freeing up valuable room. Do yourself a favor and invest in the proper equipment now saving you from the hassle of struggling with a wrong tool for the job. To view all of our sanders and fabrication tools you can click HERE.

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