MultiTool Sander Saves Time

The MultiTool Combo Belt Sander – Grinder Has your Heavy and Delicate Sanding Covered!

When it comes to fabrication and metal working you’ll likely need to do a little of sanding, grinding, and fitting of pieces. These means you’ll need a number of different sanders and a bench space if always at a premium. The nice thing about the Multitool grinder and belt sander combo unit is that you can do rough grinding and surfacing of metal with the stone wheel side and easily touch up edges, round corners, or do delicate sanding with the belt sander side. That’s why this is one of our favorite sanding tools and possibly the most versatile! Read all of the specs below and get one for yourself HERE.

The Multitool Pro Kit offers a 2 x 36 inch Multitool attachment assembled on a 3/4 hp MultiTool Grinder.

  • 3/4 HP MultiTool Grinder
  • 2 Inch x 36 Inch Abrasive Belt
  • 7 Inch disc
  • Quick change belt
  • Automatic Tensioning
  • Quick Track Adjustment
  • 4 areas of abrasive contact – Flat Platen, Contact Wheel, Slack Belt and 7” Abrasive Disk

Perfect tool for all of the following tasks.

  • Sharpening
  • Cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Shaping
  • Grinding
  • Buffing
  • Polishing

This versatile tool allows you to remove material up to 5 times faster than with the equivalent grit grinding wheel. The unit offers 5 grinding areas in one machine with four work surfaces on the Multitool itself. The majority of work is generally performed on the front contact wheel, but the unit also offers flat platen grinding, slack-belt grinding, disc grinding, and stone wheel grinding. Belts change in seconds from grinding, to sand, deburr, or polish. A variety of abrasive and polishing belts as well as discs are available to get the job done right.

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