Move Compressed Air Easily- Why You Need a Portable Compressor

Compressed air is something that isn’t created easily without a machine or device to compress the air. Pneumatic tools can make a job much easier and there are times when compressed air is a necessity to get something done. Often times when shopping for air compressors the “bigger is better” mentality wins and we find ourselves stuck if we run out of air hose or we’re on the road. While I’ve had a large compressor in my shop for years I still have found that a small, portable compressor is a life saver. Below are some great uses for having a small compressor on hand.

  1. Roadside Repair- How hasn’t had the terror of getting a flat, pulling over on the side of the road and finding that your spare is ALSO FLAT. Swear words ensue and you realize it’s going to cost you time and money to get it swapped or repaired now. A small portable compressor can help you air up that flat tire or even top off a low tire anywhere. Many small portable compressors work off of your cigarette outlet and will air a tire up no problem.
    Also if you’re driving a classic car or doing off-roading a small pancake compressor can run small air tools and will hold a reserve of air if needed. Pair this with a power inverter and you can also run it off of your cigarette lighter/battery.
  2. Retrieving and Loading a Vehicle Purchase- I can’t even keep track of how many times I’ve went to pull an old car out of a barn that “drove when parked” and the wheels are dead flat, wheels locked up, trees or vines grown up around it, etc, etc. If you have a small pancake compressor you can easily run small air tools and remove lug nuts, brake calipers, cut things with a grinder/saw, etc. and speed up retrieving and loading a car. I have an obsession with barn and field finds so it seems most of the cars I drag home are quite rough and need some work to even get them up on the trailer!
  3. Junkyard Parts- A small compressor like a pancake compressor again can run small tools and a decent car battery and a power inverter can help run it. This allows you to work remotely and get the job done more quickly!
  4. Home Improvement- Grab a small compressor and plug it into any 110-120V outlet and go. This will run nail guns, sanders, and much more for making quick work of your home improvement projects.

So with the help of a good Power Inverter  and a small Pancake Air Compressor you can use your pneumatic tools remotely off a car battery and save yourself time and effort. We’d say the low cost is worth the extra insurance.

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