Mobile Tear Down Table for Engine Disassembly

Easy mobile assembly table for Engines, Transmissions and More.

Eastwood’s heavy-duty tear down table has already become a staple in most home shops. It’s perfect for diving into larger projects and it’s also good for those with limited space or smaller projects like motorcycle engines or even lawn equipment. We’ve developed a portable solution. Our small portable tear down table is perfect for the DIY hobbyist or even weekend warrior.

This tear down table consists of a steel frame structure that can support up to 250 pounds easily handling small engines like this dirt bike engine. The powder-coated work surface with an integrated drain is durable against harsh chemicals. Fluids collect in a solvent resistant basin until ready for proper disposal.

Two storage shelves on the unit are convenient for keeping both tools and spare parts on hand during your project.

This all sits atop four inch swivel casters that make it easy to move about the shop or when you need to store it. Nothing beats a dedicated work surface for tearing down oily, messy parts while still being able to move it around the shop; making our portable tear down table a must-have in the garage.

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