Project of the Week- Powder Coating a vintage Mini Bike

Here at Eastwood we’re always working on new products, but we always make sure we’re testing products we’ve offered for quality. Recently JR decided to powder coat a vintage mini bike to show off some of our Hot Coat Powder and test the outcome of our metallic powders.


The project this time around was a 1977 Montgomery Ward Model #57507 mini bike that was in the process of a full restoration. After years of abuse, the frame needed some minor repairs and full media blasting to be ready to powder.

JR started by wiping the entire frame down with our PRE prep and then he put it in the oven to “outgas” any impurities trapped in the pores of the metal.


While the part was outgassing JR hooked up the Eastwood Dual Voltage Gun and filled it about halfway with our HotCoat Metallic Blue Powder. He then pulled the frame out, let it cool back to room temperature, and then finally shot it with the powder. With larger parts like this you may need to make a “ground tree” with some wire loomed through numerous holes in the part or move the ground clamp around on the part like JR did here.


After the powder flowed out, each batch was baked a little longer until they were fully cured. Since JR has done this so many times the parts of course came out looking sweet! Check out how well that Metallic Blue pops! All that’s left is to start reassembling the bike and enjoy it!





  1. Any oven that can get up to or over 450F is acceptable. The size of the oven is dictated by what items you want to powder coat.

  2. im new to this and thinking of using a candy powder coat for my vintage cat mini bike. im wonderin how big was the oven that you used for the frame?

  3. We used a large “walk in” oven, but you could use a large paint curing heat lamp like we sell and move it around the frame to cure the powder.

  4. I’m getting into powder coating what is the best thing to use for getting items clean. And should you always heat up parts first. Thanks

  5. Abrasive blasting is the best way to clean a part before powder coating. Heating parts ahead of time isn’t required, but it helps bake out any impurities trapped in the metal ahead of time that may come out when curing the powder.

  6. what other cleaners are available besides acetone,its to aggressive when making spot repairs while powder coating

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