Mini Compressors- Mobile Compressed Air

When most people hear the term “Air compressor” they think of a big, noisy compressor you see at your local repair shop. We’re here to show you that air compressors come in all shape and sizes. Mini or portable compressors are something that can be nice to have when you travel, in your roadside repair kit, or in the corner of your garage for occasional use. We decided to list our small and mini compressors below and compare and contrast.

  1. Pancake Air Compressor- These compressors are about the best middle-ground between portable and usability. The pancake 3 Gallon compressor puts out max 1.0 CFM and can run small air tools for short periods of times, air up tires, powder coat, run an air nozzle for cleaning, etc. Pancake compressors are small in size and weight and can easily be stored under a work bench or in a trunk of your vehicle. A good power inverter can even run one for mobile air. These are the most diverse as far as portability and usability goes.
  2. Mini Compressor- Our Mini 1/6 HP compressor is great for small jobs like running an air brush, powder coating, filling tires, etc. This compressor puts out 1.8CFM (more than the pancake compressor) but has a very small tank and has little air reserve. This means the compressor will run almost continuously when using it. Small air tools won’t work on this but you can run a number of other basic functions off of it. This is the go-to compressor if you want to get into airbrushing. The tiny size allows you to stash it in a drawer or under a seat in a car when not in use.
  3. 30 Gallon Portable Shop Compressor– Now if you want something you can run air tools, a low cfm paint gun, or most other basic compressor tools/functions than the 30 gallon portable compressor is the best bet. This compressor has a handle and wheels to roll around your property and puts out a max 7 CFM. It obviously weighs quite a bit more than the others above, but it can still be lifted into a pickup truck or an SUV for moving. This needs to be plugged into a 110V outlet, but will run off an extension cord if you need to move it further away from the outlet. This is the best choice for a small home compressor where you don’t have the space, need, or budget for a larger professional sized compressor. If you’re a weekend warrior doing small repairs and restoration work this compressor will get you by without breaking the bank.

Before you buy a compressor make sure you make a list of what items you’d like to use with the compressor and their CFM requirements. That will allow you to shop for and purchase the best compressor for you.

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