Quick Project- Portable MIG Welder Torch Holder

It never fails when you’re using your MIG welder, you set the torch down to adjust, hammer, or to lift your helmet and you can’t find a good spot to hang your torch. Worse yet, the hot tip of the welding wire pokes you in the leg and burns you when you go to set it in your lap. I’m always looking for ways to consolidate my tools and make myself more efficient. I decided to make this quick little MIG Torch holder that fits on my magnetic ground post. I think this would be a great beginner fabrication project!

Here we have my trusty old ground post magnet. These are great for areas creating a grounding location for your welder where you couldn’t get a clamp on. I keep one on my MIG car with my MIG 175 and use it often.

Photo Sep 15, 3 25 24 PM

Start by finding a piece of tubing that the end of the MIG torch will easily slide into and a small piece of 14 gauge or 1/8″ flat steel.

Photo Sep 15, 3 22 00 PM

Mark out a bend line and bend the metal leaving enough to mount to the ground stud and enough to raise the up off the stud 4″-6″.

Photo Sep 15, 3 25 29 PM

Once you have your piece bent, mark out and drill a hole to mount the plate to the stud.

Photo Sep 15, 3 31 50 PM

Next mark out and grind a half moon about the size of your tubing into the top of your plate and set your piece of tubing at a slight angle so the torch can rest inside the tube and will hang and hold itself in.

Photo Sep 15, 3 31 59 PM

Photo Sep 15, 3 34 18 PM

Weld the tubing to the angle and mount everything back together. You can then shoot it with the paint of your choice to avoid rusting.

Photo Sep 15, 3 49 21 PM

The finished product is a ground stud and a magnetic torch holder that will sit wherever you want on the vehicle (if it’s magnetic of course).

Photo Sep 15, 4 19 53 PM

Feel free to drop us a comment if you have a project idea, tech tip, or question you’d like to see answered or shown!


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